Engaging with youth and encouraging their participation in the community

The YMCA Calgary Youth Community programs are as diverse and supportive as the communities we serve. We offer everything from youth leadership, after school programs, tutoring and more! These programs, generously supported by donors, ensure all people have access to quality programs which help youth grow, thrive, lead and belong.

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YMCA Achievement Program (YMAP)

group of youth at program

A free program for high school youth and young adults who are new to Canada that celebrates culture and helps develop life skills and leadership.

YMCA Tutoring Table Program

tutor working with student

Free tutoring services to vulnerable youth ages 14 to 21. Mentors assist with challenging math and science concepts and positively guide youth with career advice and personal experience.

YMCA Youth Engagement Program

group of youth working on computers

The Youth Engagement Program offers two types of engagement for those who are age 12-25: the Teen Vibe Experience and Youth Empowerment Initiative.

YMCA Alternative Suspension Program (ASP)

Hand raising in classroom

An out-of-school intervention program that establishes bonds of trust and creates a support network for students who have been or are at risk of being suspended.