Let's Play, Together

Make new friends, build confidence and ignite your potential in Canada's first YMCA esports program. 

Experience the thrill of esports and dive into competitive gaming at our safe and inclusive space for youth in Calgary. Join old friends and build new bonds with fellow gamers as have fun and develop new skills through the power of video games. 

While you hone your driving and soccer skills in Rocket League and test your mettle in Fall Guys, we’ll help you develop healthy habits online and offline through our holistic wellness programs.

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The Map for Esports at YMCA Calgary

Phase 1: Fall 2023

focused kids playing video games together

Virtual Tournaments

Join us in Rocket League, try your hand in the free-for-all Fall Guys competition, or put your chess skills to the test in a series of virtual esports tournaments. 

Phase 2: Winter 2024

computer screen with game controllers in it

In-Person Tournaments

Everything you love about our virtual esports tournaments, now in person and live at Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge and Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton. 

Phase 3: Spring 2024

group of kids playing video games


Esports will find its permanent home at the Y complete with a league, practice time, playoffs and a holistic health program.

Phase 4: Summer 2024

group of teens playing video games

Day Camps

Take your league practice to the next level with dedicated esports day camps.

Esports Pilot FAQs

Esports help youth thrive through community and healthy competition. Our progressive pilot program gives all youth in Calgary a safe place to play together, learn about technology and develop the skills required for success in STEM.


At the Y, we treat our players like any other athlete and nourish their physical and mental health and wellness. Our esports pilot also nurtures:

·         Hand-eye coordination

·         Problem-solving

·         Strategy skills

·         Self-confidence

Phase 1 will contain a mix of individual and team-based tournaments. Future phases will introduce more games to the mix.

  • Rocket League: a team soccer game where players control cars and work together in a friendly competition against another team. Rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.
  • Fall Guys: players control a jellybean and compete in a series of fun mini-games like obstacle courses and soccer. Rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.
  •  Chess: Play chess online in our chess tournaments. Rated E for Everyone by the ESRB.

In Phase 1, players can sign up with friends as a team to participate in Rocket League/Fall guys team events, or individuals in Chess, Rocket League, and Fall Guys individual events. 

No – everyone is welcome to play!

During the pilot program, we have a limit of 75 participants, though we may increase the number depending on demand. If you want to play, please sign up early.

Members: $14

Non-members: $17

Want to learn more about esports at the YMCA?

We're happy to answer any questions you have about our new esports pilot program. Please, contact us at esports@calgary.ymca.ca.

You can also stay in the know with esports and other activities at the YMCA by joining our email list.