Through the Tutoring Table Program, YMCA Calgary offers free tutoring services to vulnerable youth ages 14 to 21. As a part of the United Way’s All in for Youth initiative, the program aims to remove the financial barrier of private tutoring to assist students in passing their registered math courses. Students are selected to participate in the program if they have a financial need, academic need, and the motivation to attend weekly sessions.

We offer Math tutoring and offer prep courses for students who want to take Math 10 -3, 10-C, 20-1, 20-2, 30-1 and 30-2 in the Fall semester of 2023.

Volunteer tutors serve as guides in students’ learning, assisting them with challenging math concepts and enhancing their confidence in problem-solving. Volunteers also act as positive role models and mentors, often providing students with career advice and personal experience and knowledge. Volunteers receive ongoing training about the math curriculum and how to positively guide youth. 

During each session, students receive snacks, homework support, and a safe and open space to build confidence and enhance their math skills. Volunteers are partnered with three students in an in-person setting and one to two students on online tutoring platforms. The tutors work with their group once per week during the scheduled sessions over the course of the semester. 

Tutoring Table also offers limited science tutoring for students who need help with registered high school science courses. 

Program Format:

  • Tutoring Table runs at 10 in-person locations across the city and online via Zoom.
  • The program runs from Monday to Thursday. 
  • Students will be enrolled one day a week for two hours for the entire semester. 
  • Additional program supports available are Math Diploma Prep and our 6-week Summer Club program.

Who can apply? 
All high school students who need math support. Priority will be given to students from All-In-For Youth high schools and/or students with low math grades or financial challenges. 
Contact information: The application will cover all semesters. Please email if you have any questions.

How to apply? 
All applications are to be completed online. An application will need to be submitted for each semester the student needs support. To apply, fill out the form below: