Alternative Suspension is an out-of-school intervention program that establishes bonds of trust and creates a support network for students who have been or are at risk of being suspended from school due to problematic behavior while also supporting a consistent and strong academic focus. 

It aims to reduce future suspensions and disciplinary sanctions by offering participants an opportunity to turn their time away from school into a positive experience that encourages personal growth, the development of social skills, and autonomy. 

Students may be referred for any of the following concerns: 

  • Absenteeism/lack of participation in classes 
  • Apathy and lack of motivation 
  • Issues related to substance misuse 
  • Disruptive and impulsive behavior 
  • Physical, verbal or psychological violence 
  • Theft or vandalism 
  • Academic struggles or needing an adult to guide them with time management and motivation 
  • Needing additional support to help with mental health needs


Program Details

  • Schools administer student referrals to the program 
  • Participating youth must undergo an individual assessment. A youth worker will develop a personalized profile of participating individuals 
  • Morning sessions focus on academic achievement and afternoon sessions on thematic workshops to reduce identified risk factors 
  • Youth may also participate in recreational activities 
  • Intervention sessions last an average of five days 
  • After the program is complete, students reintegrate back into the school/community and the youth worker will follow up to determine the impact of the ASP on the student
  • Youth workers provide regular communication with parents during the ASP


Program Outcomes

  • Self-awareness of problematic behavior 
  • Increased self-esteem and respect 
  • Expanded network of social support 
  • Reduced associations with problematic peers 
  • Decreased aggressive, impulsive, disruptive, and antisocial behavior 
  • Positive academic aspirations and motivations 
  • Increased school achievement and graduation rate 


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