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Youth Engagement Program – Teen Vibe Experience


The Teen Vibe Experience is exclusively offered at YMCA Saddletowne. The Program offers a variety of strength-based engagement programs for youth ages 11 and up. The program aims to proactively engage youth in activities such as youth leadership programs, physical literacy, fun sports activities (table tennis, volleyball, soccer, basketball), arts & crafts exercises, health & fitness movements, mental health programs, and so much more.


The program is offered Monday - Friday to members and drop-in is available for non-members. Everyone is welcome! The program thrives to create an environment that is positive, inclusive, and safe for all.


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Program Details


Where & When to Meet:
Saddletowne YMCA
#180-7555 Falconridge Blvd NE, Calgary, Alberta T3J 0C9
For all programs please check-in at the membership desk 5-10 minutes before program begins


How old is a youth?
Youth programs are designated for ages 11 and up


Who can I contact?
For more information contact: Jennifer Obeng
Email: jennifer.obeng@calgary.ymca.ca
Tel: 403-537-2718


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What people are saying about the Teen Vibe Experience


"This program is really helpful. As a student, I really appreciate all the physical activities and having a place to play sports in winter is really helpful. Being at the YMCA is fun because I get to play volleyball, badminton, basketball, and also go swimming. There is other things but I haven't been able to do yet that I'm looking forward to trying. I love being able to hang out with my friends, play sports and workout together inside the YMCA. I get to make new friends and help others." - Tenzin T.


“Being a part of the youth engagement program has been a fun opportunity for me that allowed me build connections with other youth, while being able to be have a chance to focus on my physical health”. Tushaant G.


“The youth engagement program has been a great overall experience for me as a participant. All of the programs are aligned with the interests of everyone and provide an amazing and fun experience. It has allowed me to meet people who share the same perspective as me, and create new friends. The program has provided me the opportunity to challenge myself with a variety of sports and activities that not only are fun, but also foster growth and development.” Parshva D.