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Youth Programs for New Canadians (YMAP)

YMCA Achievement Program (YMAP)

YMCA Calgary offers free after school programs for new Canadian youth attending high school or who have recently graduated. In YMAP participants will develop their leadership and teamwork skills, in a weekly session with youth and YMCA Staff from a variety of backgrounds. We also focus on resume writing and job preparation, financial literacy, health and wellness, and learning about life in Calgary. Participants spend a lot of time learning about how to make their communities great, through field trips and volunteer opportunities. Participants also have the chance to attend a weekend at YMCA Camp Chief Hector in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Our participants say that YMAP has helped them make new friends, learn new skills, make a difference in their community and develop the confidence they need to succeed in life. We offer YMAP at 9 different locations conveniently located in all quadrants of the city.





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