Keeping our young swimmers safe through the Test. Mark. Protect. program.

All children ages 13 years and younger must participate in a swimming skills assessment and will be provided a coloured wristband based on their age and swimming ability. YMCA Calgary is dedicated to drowning prevention and the Test, Mark, Protect program is being implemented for the safety of all children in our pools.



Children ages 0-7 must be within arm’s reach of a caregiver (16+). There is a maximum of 3 children per caregiver within arm's reach. 

Children ages 8-13 must pass a swim test, facilitated by a YMCA lifeguard, before they are granted access to all areas of the pool: Swim 25 m of front crawl, before jumping into the deep end of the pool and treading water for one minute. 



Red Wrist Band: Ages 3-7, arms reach of a caregiver (16+)
Yellow Wrist Band: Ages 8-13, shallow water or deep end with a life jacket
Green Wrist Band: Ages 8-13, anywhere in the pool after a completed swim test



Lifeguards will use these tools to help ensure all swimmers are in the appropriate leisure areas to ensure the best experience possible for all patrons.
The YMCA will provide lifejackets to all children who are deemed to need them in both deep and shallow areas of the pool.