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YMCA Calgary Early Years

YMCA Calgary Early Years: For a Healthy Start in Life

As Canada’s largest child care provider, we know the early years are when the seeds of future success are planted. That’s why our programs are based on a curriculum that fosters the physical, mental and social development of your child. We ensure your child is kept safe and happy while you’re at work or taking some much-needed time for yourself. Here you’ll find caring and dedicated staff who love to make each day special for your child.



YMCA child care centres use the national YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum. This play-based curriculum is designed to maximize children’s learning by actively engaging them in small group, play-based experiences that are developmentally appropriate..

Activities encompass all developmental areas and support children in school readiness and in becoming life-long learners. Program options, including onsite enhancement activities and field trips for older children, are included.


Relationships form the foundation for all that occurs within the child care setting. Children learn about YMCA Calgary’s four core values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility. Children practice behaviours that support social skill development, emotional competence and community engagement.


Our program teaches children to value health, nutrition and activity. We encourage healthy eating and dedicate time throughout each day to incorporate and encourage age-appropriate movement. Through intentional activities, we begin to build the foundation for physical literacy (the skills and confidence required to participate in any physical activity or sport and to be active for life!)


Early Years Programs and Services

Our early years programs and services help children get a great start in life. We offer short-term child minding services, full-day child care and multi-day preschool programs. Time at the YMCA will help your child build important social and physical foundational skills, value an active and healthy life, and have a positive, safe place to belong and grow!


YMCA Child Care Centres

Our full-day, licensed child care centres are staffed by professional, qualified and experienced caregivers who apply best practices in healthy child development and play-based learning.

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YMCA Child Minding

YMCA Calgary offers child minding services in 1.5 hour appointments while a parent/guardian is using YMCA facilities. Caregivers engage children using age-appropriate activities and positive guidance techniques.

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YMCA Preschool

The preschool years are exciting times—children are growing quickly and elementary school is just around the corner! Our preschool programs provide vital learning opportunities in a safe, nurturing environment.

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