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Become a Lifeguard With YMCA Calgary


Why Join the Aquatics Team?

Help Others

From the child who is new to swimming and is now comfortable in the water, to the adult who improved their stroke technique, your work is appreciated.

A Team Environment Like No Other

Lifeguards work together and cooperate well in any situation.  Friendship, respect and trust are all part of the lifeguard team.

View the path to become a lifeguard

Available Courses

  • Bronze Star (10Y +)
  • Bronze Medallion (13Y +)
  • Bronze Cross (13Y +)
  • Standard First Aid (12Y +)
  • YMCA Swim Instructor (16Y +)
  • National Lifeguard (16Y +)

Optional Courses

  • Volunteer Instructor (14Y +)
  • Junior Lifeguard Club (10Y – 15Y)


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