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Child Minding

YMCA Calgary offers a Child Minding Service for members and participants who require short term care for their children while they are in the facility pursuing their health and fitness goals. Children, aged six - weeks to 10 years, may be booked in for a maximum of 2 hours per day.

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Child Minding Hours:

Melcor YMCA at Crowfoot (403) 241-4618

  • Monday to Thursday 8:30am–8:00pm | Friday 8:30am–5:00pm
  • Saturday 8:30am–1:00pm | Sunday & Holidays 9:00am–1:00pm

 Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA (403) 781-1669

  Mon,Wed & Thurs 8:30am–1:00pm and 4:00pm–8:00pm 

  • Tues 8:30am–1:00pm and 4:00pm–6:30pm | Friday 8:30am–3:30pm
  • Sat 8:30am–3:30pm | Sunday 9:00am–1:00pm | Holidays 9:00am–1:00pm

Remington YMCA (403) 351-8265 

  • Monday to Thursday 9:00am–7:30pm | Friday 9:00am–5:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am–3:00pm | Sunday & Holidays 9:00am–1:00pm
  • Note: The Child Minding area is closed from 1:30 - 2:00pm Mon - Friday
  • NEW! Beginning September 12, 2016 the Child Minding area will open at 8:30. September 12th is also the start of the Fall Program Session.

Saddletowne YMCA (403) 537-2724

  • Monday & Wednesday  8:30am - 3pm, 4:30pm - 8:45pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday  8:30am - 3pm, 4:30pm - 8:00pm | Friday 8:30am–3:00pm
  • Saturday 8:00am–2:00pm | Sunday and Holidays 9:00am–1:00pm

South Health Campus YMCA (403) 956-3900

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings
  • Call for details and to book  

Shawnessy YMCA (403) 254-3217

  •  Monday to Thursday 8:00am–8:30pm | Friday 8:00am–5:00pm
  • Saturday 8:30am–3:30pm | Sunday/Holidays 9:00am–1:00pm
Please Note: Child Minding may close one hour earlier than scheduled if no children are booked.


Member Rates (as of January 1, 2017)

Infant (6 weeks–35 months):      Free (Limited to 3 visits/week)

Add’l Infant visits and children 36+mths:     $4.00/hr

Non-Member Rates

(6 weeks+):      $6.00/hr

Financial Assistance is available. To learn more contact Member Services.

Punchcards in denominations of $30 may be purchased at Member Services. Cards will be redeemed by Child Minding staff as service is used. Punchcards are transferrable but non-refundable.

Payment may be made at the Member Service Desk before you collect your child. Please present a Child Minding caregiver with your receipt upon picking up your child.

Advanced booking is recommended to ensure space. The number of spots available is determined by the physical space available as well as by our ability to offer quality care to each child.

Members can book 7 days in advance, Non-members can book 2 days in advance.

Block Booking

YMCA Members are able to book a series of consecutive child minding appointments for their child(ren) during regularly scheduled Child Minding hours. Non-Members wishing to use block booking may do so if they are registered in a YMCA program.

Block booking dates correspond with YMCA Calgary registration dates for each program session. Limited spaces are available. Block booking closes one week into each program session or once available spaces are filled. Further information about block booking can be found on the YMCA Calgary “Block Booking Form.”

Block Booking Form - Winter 2017


Child Minding appointment cancellations must be received one hour in advance or a $5 cancellation fee will be charged. ‘No - shows’ will be charged $5 or f or the amount of time booked, whichever is the greater amount. Cancellation fees apply to both infant and child bookings.

Drop Off and Pick Up of Children

To assist us in providing appropriate care and attention to all children, we ask that children be dropped off and picked up promptly at their booked time. In the event a parent/guardian is late, a caregiver or YMCA Duty Manager may be required to locate the parent and late fees will be charged accordingly.

Member Etiquette

The YMCA is a shared experience for everyone to enjoy. Please treat one another in accordance with our four core values of caring, respect, responsibility and honesty.