Help build a better future, one camper at a time. 

Camp is not just a place, it's a feeling. It’s the confidence built when you face your fears, learn new skills, and overcome challenges. It’s the empathy formed when you help a new friend do the same. It’s learning to be a leader and a team player. It’s also the invitation to be part of a community where discovery and exploration are embraced and encouraged. 

Camp is where you stretch and form into the person you’re meant to be. 

Camp is an incredible place where kids can build confidence, resilience and creativity through swimming, sports, the arts, canoeing, hiking, climbing, and more. Last year, more than 9,000 campers attended Camp Chief Hector YMCA and day camps at YMCA Calgary– and over 1000 of them were only able to go because someone like you helped them.

When you #CampItForward, you give more children the opportunity to unplug from their digital lives, to stretch their social skills and redefine themselves somewhere real, where possibility is everything and their own potential seems just as limitless.

YMCA Calgary believes that every kid deserves to go to camp. That's why we are fundraising $100,000 to help send 500 kids to our day and overnight camps. 

Will you help a child go to camp this summer by donating today?

A gift of $190 will send a child to a YMCA Calgary day camp, and a gift of $420 will send a kid to Camp Chief Hector YMCA for overnight camp. You can provide Calgary’s youth a life-changing experience they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.