YMCA Ukraine Humanitarian Efforts

Ukraine YMCA Update

For over 15 years, YMCA Calgary has partnered with YMCA Ukraine to promote youth development opportunities and learn from one another, as we aspire to make our communities better for future generations.

As the war in Ukraine continues, so does the incredible humanitarian efforts of its people and YMCA Ukraine. YMCA Calgary is committed to continuing to share awareness about the needs abroad and raise funds to aid ongoing humanitarian efforts.
In June, YMCA Calgary attended a virtual session whereby YMCA Ukraine and YMCA Europe presented on the first 100 days of war and what they know, as well as how they have been responding. Here were some devastating statistics they shared which have only grown since that time:

There are 20 YMCA associations still supporting local needs and operating on the ground in Ukraine. Additionally, there are 2 hubs in YMCA Lviv and YMCA Kropyvnytskyi that are receiving and distributing humanitarian aid supplies.
As of June 2022, the YMCA Ukraine hubs had:
35+ tons of goods
900+ big boxes
160 shoeboxes, 20 backpacks, 18 bags

100+ destinations
7,000+ people

Thank you for your support of YMCA Ukraine. They continue to face the unimaginable every day and yet are still persevering to ensure they support their communities and the growing needs of their people.

To date, with support from donors, YMCA Calgary has raised a total of $90,283 to support YMCA Ukraine in their humanitarian efforts. This includes a combination of individual and corporate gifts as well as all donations made through the YMCA Ukraine wristband sales. 100% of all dollars raised for YMCA Ukraine is sent to YMCA Ukraine to support their humanitarian efforts.

Again, thank you for your generosity. If you are interested to learn more about our partnership, please do not hesitate to contact us at philanthropy@ymcacalgary.ymca.ca.