Y Story: Tom McCartney

Tom McCartney Y Story

Meet Tom McCartney, dedicated Team Up donor at YMCA Calgary. For 17 years, Tom, serving as the Senior Litigation Counsel at the Alberta Securities Commission, has stood as a steadfast supporter of YMCA Calgary. To him, the YMCA embodies enrichment, providing not just himself but countless others in our community with an environment where they can belong, grow, thrive and lead.

Reflecting on his upbringing, Tom recalls the invaluable lesson imparted by his father: the importance of giving back. "Being the benefactor of this way of thinking, it was something that eventually became ingrained while growing up," he reflects. This ingrained sense of duty led Tom to immerse himself in community service, from leading as President at the Kinsman Club to spearheading fundraisers for community initiatives like soccer fields and libraries. His commitment extends even further as a Team Up Donor at YMCA Calgary, firmly believing in the collective strength of community support. "We are stronger together," he asserts.

The YMCA holds a special place in Tom's heart. To him, it's not just a gym, but a lifeline for many in the community.  "The Y isn't just a place to work out," he says, "it's where people find belonging, support, and opportunities to grow." His belief in community and philanthropy fuels his steadfast support as a Team Up monthly donor, recognizing that even small contributions can yield profound impacts.

In Tom's eyes, the YMCA represents resilience and hope, serving as a beacon for those seeking belonging and opportunity. Through his support, he hopes to inspire others to join in shaping a brighter future. By showcasing the necessity and impact of such support, Tom aims to educate and empower future generations, emphasizing that everyone can play a role in fostering positive change.

As Tom puts it, "Donating is not an obligation, but it is something that people should do. Giving in small ways adds up and can be key to a powerful return." 

As you contemplate your own contribution to the community, remember Tom's words and the direct impact your support can have on the children, youth, and adults of our community as they strive to belong, grow, thrive, and lead. 

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