Y Story: Tanis Cochrane

Staff Spotlight. Introducing Tanis. "Seeing the impact the Y has on a community firsthand makes me proud."

At the YMCA, we believe in people. We see their potential. We find strength in telling stories of our differences and find inspiration in sharing our diversity – all with the purpose of bringing us closer together.

Meet Tanis Cochrane, our Chief Operating Officer. She has found that the Y has always shared the same values, allowing her to be an effective leader and continue to provide great experiences and opportunities for the community.

Tanis started her Y journey 24 years ago assisting with the preschool and after-school care programs. Since then, she has worn several different hats. She was the Community Y General Manager and previously our Chief Strategy Officer before stepping into her current role as COO. She can still recall her first experience with the Y, living at the Montreal Y for six months when she was 19 after moving there.

“Seeing the impact the Y has on a community firsthand makes me proud. I want to continue to do the work and make a difference.”

Tanis knew that she wanted to contribute substantial value to her community through her work. YMCA Calgary provided her with such opportunities to grow and develop, allowing her to meet new people and cultivate international partnerships with YMCA Ukraine and YMCA Bogota, Columbia.

“We wanted to partner with another Y that had significant youth engagement and could provide two-way opportunities to grow. YMCA Ukraine was the right fit, and it has been an incredible partnership.”

Tanis enjoys how much the Y focuses on creating a sense of belonging in staff and allowing everyone to pursue their goals while having fun. Being part of an organization that prioritizes the development and health of youth helps her see the impact she is making every day.

YMCA Calgary is committed to practicing and demonstrating the core values of respect, honesty, responsibility and caring in all aspects of the organization. With the help of our senior leadership team and Tanis, we are able to create spaces and communities that are welcoming and inspiring for all.

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