Y Story: Michelle Green

Staff Spotlight. Introducing Michelle. "The Y is that safe space where we all build each other up."

At the YMCA, we believe in people. We see their potential. We find strength in telling stories of our differences and find inspiration in sharing our diversity – all with the purpose of bringing us closer together.

Meet Michelle Green, one of our Health and Fitness Coordinators at Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton. Her passion for fitness led her to the Y, and to becoming a mentor to future YMCA instructors.

Michelle started her Y journey 10 years ago as a volunteer instructor at Shawnessy YMCA. She wanted to volunteer and give back to the Y after being a stay-at-home mom, immediately getting hooked because of the community experience.

“The people at the Y are the best. Every class is always so much fun and I love the drive from our instructors.”

In 2020, Michelle was awarded the Leadership Award at the Y for her dedication to her instructors. When the instructors are at their best, the participants get to experience the best the Y has to offer. She is extremely proud to be a Y trainer and to witness her instructors grow together. Michelle sees the dedication that the instructors put into their work, always researching and developing new things to ensure participants get the most out of their classes.

“The Y is that safe space where we all build each other up, it’s like a second family.”

As she has worked across the organization, Michelle knows it is not just the instructors who are committed to the community – the teams at each YMCA location are special, and that continues to put a smile on her face.

YMCA Calgary is more than a fitness centre. We are focused on providing the best experiences for our members and volunteers, creating a happy and healthy community where we can all belong, grow, thrive and lead. Thanks to individuals like Michelle and our fitness instructors, we can continue to do so.

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