Y Story: Jerilynn Daniels & RBC

Jerilynn Daniels is seen on a white background with faded red triangles alongside the Y and RBC logos

Meet Jerilynn Daniels, steadfast supporter of YMCA Calgary. Jerilynn, the Regional Director of Community Marketing and Citizenship at RBC, embodies a commitment to giving back that spans nearly two decades. For her, the YMCA represents more than just a recreational facility—it's a cornerstone of the community: “It’s a safe place for youth, families, and newcomers and has a proven track-record to be a leader with many innovations within the community.”

Her connection to the YMCA runs deep, woven into the fabric of her family's life. From childhood swimming lessons to adult fitness pursuits, the YMCA has been a constant companion. Now, seeing her daughter proudly employed as a lifeguard and swim instructor within its walls, Jerilynn's bond with the YMCA is stronger than ever, rooted in shared values and experiences.

Both YMCA Calgary and RBC share the same passion and thrive for their commitment to the community and help them prosper: “When community is at the center of everything you do, it strengthens the bond between partnerships and fosters continued growth.”  

Together, YMCA Calgary and RBC are dedicated to nurturing the potential of Calgary's youth. Through initiatives like RBC Future Launch and YMCA Calgary's Youth Leadership Institute (YLI), they provide invaluable resources and opportunities for skill development, career guidance, and leadership training.

The RBC Future Launch Program provides grants to youth-serving organizations to offer resources focused on helping Canadians aged 15 – 29 access opportunities to develop skills, get career support and gain work experience. With an unprecedented commitment of $500 million over 10 years to help prepare youth for meaningful employment, RBC is strategically working with its partners to amplify youth development today to strive for a better future.

With a history spanning back over 150 years, RBC shares Jerilynn's commitment to community empowerment. For more than three decades, RBC has stood as a steadfast partner to YMCA Calgary, embodying a philosophy of integrity and service to employees, clients, and communities alike.

YMCA Calgary’s Youth Leadership Institute (YLI) is for employees and volunteers aged 15-29 and is proudly supported by RBC. The program is designed to enhance and compliment YMCA employees' professional experience by offering comprehensive leadership development opportunities. YLI strives to equip staff with valuable skills that extend beyond their work experience, empowering staff to become an impactful leader both at the YMCA and in the broader community.

The impact of this partnership is profound, as evidenced by the words of a YLI participant who discovered newfound confidence and abilities through the program's mentorship and leadership development: “I discovered that I'm actually pretty good at communicating, and that I'm capable of accomplishing anything that I put my mind to. This experience gave me a ton of confidence in my own skills and abilities. My mentors helped me overcome my weaknesses and encouraged the development of my communication and leadership skills.”

As Calgary's youth navigate the challenges of today's world, the collaboration between YMCA Calgary and RBC stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity. Their shared commitment to community enrichment ensures that young Calgarians have the support they need to thrive, both within the YMCA and beyond.

Together, YMCA Calgary and RBC exemplify the power of collaboration in creating positive change. Their shared dedication to community enrichment ensures that Calgary's youth have the tools and support they need to thrive, both within the YMCA and beyond its walls. As they continue to grow together, their partnership serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity for generations to come.

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