Volunteer Week 2024: Every Moment Matters

Saddletowne YMCA Preschool volunteers & Staff

Volunteers are the heartbeat of the YMCA. They fuel our mission to create spaces and communities that are welcoming and inspiring with their commitment and dedication. They serve as coaches, greeters, assistants, tutors, fitness instructors and more, embodying our commitment to community growth and empowerment.

As National Volunteer Week approaches (April 14-20), we celebrate this year's theme: Every Moment Matters. We've connected with some of our volunteers who've generously contributed nearly 126,000 hours of service, ensuring the YMCA thrives as a vibrant community hub.

"YMCA Calgary is privileged to have such dedicated volunteers," says Shannon Doram, President & CEO. "From delivering community experiences to ensuring safety at our front desks, to providing engaging program support, their impact is profound. This week, we honour their invaluable contributions."

Join us in honoring our volunteers with a special video tribute. Follow us on social media for more inspiring stories in the weeks ahead!


A Message from our Volunteer Engagement Team

"Being a part of Volunteer Engagement is such a wonderful experience. We get to work closely with every department and volunteer in the Association, which is a true privilege. Every volunteer has their own special story and perspective, which really brings our community to life. The energy and enthusiasm of our volunteers are so infectious, and they truly make our job a blast. The dedication to helping others and making a positive impact is incredibly inspiring and motivates us to give our all each day.

We are so grateful for how you make each day so exciting and fulfilling for us. Thank you for all that you do!"

-Rachel Nicholson, Volunteer Experience Manager, and Angela Irving, Volunteer Experience Supervisor


Volunteer Impact in 2023

Our volunteers embody a spirit of dedication, and always go the extra mile to inspire inclusivity and well-being within our community. While their impact defies quantification, here are some statistics that highlight their amazing commitment.

Total hours volunteered in 2023: 125,762
Active Volunteers at end of 2023: 1,914

Early Years Volunteers

Early Years Hours: 4,368
Volunteers: 95

"On behalf of myself and the preschool staff, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our volunteers for their invaluable support in our program. You play a critical role in assisting with the children, ensuring they feel safe, learn, and have fun. Thank you for being a part of our team!"

- Shaheeda Scantlebury, Saddletowne YMCA Preschool Supervisor

YMCA Arts Volunteers

Arts Hours: 2,974
Volunteers: 120

"We are incredibly fortunate to have a team of committed and passionate Arts volunteers.  Each of you bring your unique strengths to our programs, which has an immense and meaningful impact on the wellness of our community.  The work you do is so important in facilitating our participants' personal and creative expression and finding their voice through the Arts. On behalf of the Arts Department, I would like to extend heartfelt thank you to each of you."

-Terese Mullin, Arts Program Director

Youth Program Volunteers

Youth Programs Hours: 1,316
Volunteers: 58


Weight Floor Volunteers

Weight Floor Hours: 23,250
Volunteers: 510

"Big cheers and heartfelt gratitude to our amazing volunteers! Your dedication and enthusiasm make the Y a fun and inclusive gym where everyone feels at home. You're the heartbeat of our weight floor and the soul of our community. Thank you for being the stars that make our gym shine bright!"

- Aaron Smith, Health & Fitness Coordinator, Remington YMCA in Quarry Park

Community Y Volunteers

Community Programs Hours: 7,626
Volunteers: 230

Customer Service Volunteers

Customer Service Hours: 44,558
Volunteers: 629

"We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the membership and customer experience volunteers who attend the scanning stations and walk through our facility during busy evenings and special events. Your friendly smiles, welcoming attitude, and ability to navigate the wide variety of questions thrown your way provides value to each and every customer’s experience.  Your efforts greatly contribute to the success of our teams!"

- Coreen Kat, Customer Service Manager, Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton

Sport Program Volunteers

Sport Program Hours: 13,111
Volunteers: 357

Fitness Instructor Volunteers

Fitness Classes Hours: 12,092
Volunteers:  214

"YMCA Fitness Instructor volunteers play an essential role in helping our communities thrive by inspiring health, wellness and vitality through fitness leadership. You give of yourselves daily, selflessly sharing your energy, enthusiasm and expertise, creatively designing and delivering safe, fun & engaging group fitness classes, supporting and mentoring fellow instructors. On behalf of YMCA Calgary and our greater community, I sincerely thank you for shining and sharing your light so that others may do the same!"

- Kaia Kjar, Strategic Lead, Health & Fitness Programs 

Climbing Wall Volunteers

Climbing Programs: 1,318
Volunteers: 40