Guest Blog: Camp isn't just an experience, it's a journey of growth and discovery, by Maxwell Sabau

Max entering his Yurt with his group on the first day of Camp

Camp: where first-day butterflies transform into lifelong memories. At first, it's nerves and homesickness, but soon it's a second home filled with belonging, friendship, and newfound independence. Just ask 11-year-old Max, who found friendship and confidence amidst the adventures at Camp Chief Hector YMCA in the summer of 2023. Camp isn't just an experience, it's a journey of growth and discovery.

Hi! I’m Max and I'm a Mistaya Camper, and this is my first time at camp.

When I first got to camp, I thought it would be hard and challenging, but I was pleasantly surprised when it was accepting and super fun. Gaga ball and fresh air really get me up in the morning, but especially the view of the mountains just gives me enough energy to get me through any challenge camp throws at me.

On my journey at camp, I also met friends which have helped me through challenges like my first-time backpacking. Ever since I arrived the camp, the staff have been spectacular and always bring awesome energy. My counselors have been awesome at entertaining us restless Marmots boys. So, a quick thanks to them, and all the rest of the staff, expect Mia, just kidding, of course.

The memories camp has given me will stay with me forever. Like the time Jonas tagged me, the flying squirrel game, carving my stick at the forest play, tagging Jonas, “punishing” Lewis and Jonny (to eat dinner without forks) after hitting the bullseye at archery, and finally participating in all camp day.

This place rocks and I hope to come here next year. A toast to the new campers!

Thank you, Max, for sharing your experience and memories of summer camp with us. We hope you and all the campers returning for Camp '24 will have the most amazing time - we know you will! 

There is still space in some programs for Camp Chief Hector's summer camp 2024. Click here for more information.