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Y Survive 2016

Get ready to challenge your fitness routine, increase your physical activity, and try new activities!


How does it work?

Earn team points by getting active on your own or by joining a group challenge.

Earn 1 point per minute of activity completed at the YMCA. Earn 2 points per minute of activity during any Y Survive weekly challenge.

  • Week 1: (April 1-9) Sports/Athletics
  • Week 2: (April 10-16) Weight
  • Week 3: (April 17-23) Group Fitness
  • Week 4: (April 24-30) Climbing wall / Pool

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Choose Your Branch Below to Track Your Activities



Team scores will be posted in branch throughout the competition, and team with the highest cumulative score wins.

There will be a special prize and trophy for the winning team…and of course, bragging rights until next year!