The YMCA Community Action Network (YCAN) supports 15- to 30-year-old Calgarians as they develop and deliver meaningful projects that address identified needs in their community.

In partnership with 16 other YMCAs across Canada, youth from underrepresented communities come together to meet others from different backgrounds, discover their potential, and see their ability to create impact in the world around them. This helps to increase their social and employment skills, confidence, and community engagement.


Through YCAN, you have the opportunity to:

  • Discover your potential to make a positive impact in the community through the planning, development and implementation of service projects based on community need and participant interest. 
  • Explore personal interests and learn about your community through experiential learning. 
  • Develop social and employment skills for future employment and volunteer opportunities. 
  • Remove barriers to your participation in community outreach and volunteer opportunities. 
  • Collaborate and build relationships with other organizations in Calgary. 
  • Receive a complimentary YMCA Membership. 
  • Earn high school credits and volunteer hours for your participation, wherever applicable.

Upon completion of 120 service hours though YCAN, youth will receive a reference letter which can be used for future work and education purposes.



YCAN Cohort 14 Project

Cohort 14's project was focused on increasing employment access by providing resources to youth as well as highlighting your rights as a youth worker! Pick up your resource package today at on of the following locations: Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge, Saddletowne YMCA, or Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton. Packages are limited. Digital copies of the resources can be accessed below.


Worker Rights and Resources


Resume Building Tips

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