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“Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it.”
Sharon Salzberg


The vibrant feel of YMCA branches is back again! We are so pleased to see the community returning to the Y to achieve their health and wellness goals. But being active and getting exercise is more than just about getting physically fit, it is directly linked to supporting mental health as well. It has been difficult for many Calgarians over the past few years and YMCA Calgary is ready and committed to supporting our community as we emerge from the pandemic. We are proud to be a place where individuals and families can connect with one another and grow and learn all while taking care of their wellbeing.


Fitness tip: Workout with a friend. If you have someone to laugh with as you work out, you’ll have more positive emotions related to working out!



Exercise is Good for Health

In the upcoming months, one of the ways we are looking to support the physical and mental health of others is through a Buddy Pass (as seen in the images to the right). The idea is to share a drop in pass with someone you may think needs a lift or encouragement. We hope this promotes everyone to take some time for themselves to be healthy, happy and well.
The Fund Development team is also looking forward to getting out and visiting more with members and guests, hearing their stories and sharing in the connection and community that makes the Y, the Y.
We hope to see you soon!


By making a monthly commitment (minimum $15/month), you and other YMCA members, staff and volunteers can become TEAM UP donors that will help us answer the growing need in our YMCA community.



Donate Today

Another way we are looking to build the mental and physical health of others is through raising necessary funds to ensure than anyone can join as a YMCA member or participate in YMCA programs, removing financial barriers to participating.
Right now, 15% of our members need some amount of financial assistance to be active at the YMCA. If you haven’t already, please consider TEAMing UP with YMCA Calgary as a monthly donor. Your gift will help a neighbor in need AND your gift will be matched by our LEAD Up donors. This means your gift will have an even greater impact.
Please consider donating today to give the gift of wellness to others in your community!  


The YMCA is a worldwide movement which exists in 120 countries around the world, reaching 60 million people.



YMCA Ukraine Update

While YMCA Calgary is actively involved in the World Alliance of YMCAs, we directly partner with the YMCA in
Ukraine and Bogotá, Colombia to exchange expertise, resources and share ideas. We’re building bridges across
oceans and cultures, which strengthens our YMCA Calgary team and the YMCA Movement.
YMCA Ukraine and YMCA Calgary have been partners for 15 years, working together to share ideas with a common goal – to make our communities better for future generations. Our shared priority now is to support urgent humanitarian needs abroad as well as supporting refugees as they come to Canada.
Recent updates from Viktor Serbulov, National General Secretary of YMCA Ukraine shared how through donor support they are purchasing and transporting food, diapers, hygiene products and clothing across Ukraine. As well, offering activities for children and families and mental health support to attempt to ease people’s minds on the current realities as well as keep them connected to one another.
In an effort to continue to raise awareness and much needed funds, YMCA Calgary is selling YMCA Ukraine wristbands at all YMCA facilities across the city. You can show and give your support by purchasing a wristband for a minimum $5 donation with 100% of the donation going to YMCA Ukraine. Any gift over $20 is eligible for a tax receipt.

If you are interested in a wristband, please connect with a member’s services representative at your YMCA for assistance. A gift of any amount will make a difference and is truly appreciated!
You can also donate online to YMCA Ukraine today by clicking here  
Thank you for your support!



YMCA Calgary’s 120th Report to Community

Please join us for YMCA Calgary’s Annual General Meeting and 120th Report to the Community.
Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 | 4 – 6 p.m.
Location: Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge in the BMO Theatre
Reminder: Light snacks and refreshments will be served from 4 p.m. – 4:45 p.m. Program starts at 4:45 p.m.
Click here to RSVP by Wednesday May 4, 2022  


Want to learn more? We’d love to connect with you, please email us at philanthropy@calgary.ymca.ca