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Donor Funded Programs

Children and youth deserve the chance reach their potential. Current statistics are astounding.

  • During the critical after-school hours of 3–6pm, children and youth are endangered every day of engaging in high-risk and unhealthy activities.
  • Too many children and youth engage in unhealthy food choices and limited physical activity. Nine out of 10 Canadian children and youth are not getting the recommended minimum 90 minutes of physical activity per day. (The Active Healthy Kids Canada 2009 Report Card.)
  • 20% of Canadian youth between 15 and 19 are no longer pursuing education (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 2010 Fact Book). Poor learning outcomes lead to worse longer-term career and relationship prospects, and greater probability of long-term welfare dependence.

The YMCA Calgary Response

For more than 110 years, children and youth have found independence and a sense of self at YMCA Calgary. They come to have fun and make friends, but they leave with so much more. Through YMCA programs at more than 60 outreach sites in and around Calgary, 1300+ children and youth have positive environments with caring adult role models.

YMCA Calgary has made youth programs a priority. But we are not able to do enough. Your investment will serve the needs of many children and youth in our community who need us.serve the needs of many children and youth in our community who need us.

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