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For Youth

Programs vary by location. For a complete description of programs, including class times and fees, please view our current program guide.

Athletics and Sports

Active Y Kids
Age:8Y – 11Y
Through a variety of activities and fun games, Active Y Kids offers children and youth a chance to improve and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Designed to improve overall health, this registered program incorporates cardiovascular and muscular conditioning activities, nutrition sessions, and self-development education.

Age:8Y – 13Y
Explore the fast-paced game of badminton and develop the skills that will make you a better player. Chase whizzing shuttles while learning the skills to smash your way to fun.

Floor Hockey
Age:6Y – 13Y
Stick handle your way to fun with our floor hockey program. We teach all the fundamentals (shooting, passing, etc.) to help your skills grow. In matching with the YMCA philosophies, the hockey traditions of teamwork and sportsmanship make this class a must for the next wave of little speedsters. Participants are placed into age-appropriate groupings.

Age:6Y – 17Y
In Level 1, learn how to rip it up in handball with lessons developed to teach you what you need to pass, leap and score! Level 2 – take it to the extreme limits of your arm by learning the next level of passing, shooting and team strategy.

Homeschool Sports Class
Age:6Y – 15Y
Participate in various gym-based sports in this fun-filled variety program. We will cover such sports as badminton, soccer, basketball and much more. There is a skill and rule component to this class.

Indoor Soccer
Age:6Y – 9Y
Turn your World Cup dreams into a reality and explore this popular sport within the YMCA learning environment. Learn all the essentials and even some tricks, as you pass and juggle your way through this fun-filled program.

Junior Squash Drills
Age:7Y – 11Y
Intended for first time players up to the aspiring pro. Each player will be catered to in order to facilitate learning. Emphasis is on sportsmanship and fun. Learn the rules of squash in a fun atmosphere promoted by mini games that will encourage hand eye coordination, footwork, court awareness and fitness. Additional practice lessons will be available for all participants, especially
those expressing an interest to play competitively.


Y Skip
Age:6Y - 16Y
Get ready for fun! High energy games, partner and team skipping, and individual tricks are used to teach focused jump rope skills, coordination, power, rhythm, fitness development and teamwork. This class divides into two groups based on ability and focuses on individual rope skipping, long rope, partner skipping and double dutch.  Come join us and see why jump rope is one of the most fun and dynamic sports for kids!   For more information, see www.jumpropeforheart.ca

Steve Nash Basketball
Age:6Y – 13Y
Steve Nash Youth Basketball (SNYB) is a national youth basketball program designed to develop fundamental skills, sportsmanship and a love of the game for basketball among Canadian youth. Participants will receive SNYB Reversible Jersey, Basketball, Drawstring Bag, Parent’s Guide, SNYB Poster and Certificate of Participation.

Age:10Y – 13Y
Got lots of spike but no net? Hone your volleyball skills at the YMCA where our program will teach you how to improve your power, skills and game strategy. Practice good sportsmanship and teamwork through scrimmages and master the skill to spike at will.

Y’d World of Sports
Age:6Y – 9Y
Looking for a way for your child to experience more than just one sport? In the Y’d World of Sports, he or she will explore many new and exciting sports from around the world. Skills and rules, with the principles of fair play, make this program a must for any young athlete.

Youth Dance
Age:6Y – 12Y
Get ready to knock out the beats as we take you through a breath-taking series of lessons in the hottest dance trends around.

Youth Improv
Age:8Y - 12Y
Participants immerse themselves in the world of theatre improvisation where they are encouraged to explore their talents in a comfortable, no-pressure setting, with our theatre trained instructors.


Babysitting Certification Course
Age:12Y – 17Y
Launch your childcare career aspirations with this exciting free course developed by the Red Cross. Learn the latest childcare tactics and theories while you prepare to take your first steps as a child caregiver. Manual is included in the course fee.


Zumbatomic L’il Starz and Big Starz
Age:6Y – 12Y
Get ready to knock out the beats as we take you through a breath-taking series of lessons in the hottest dance trends around.

Martial Arts

Age:6Y – 11Y
Capoeira is the ultimate activity for transforming the whole person. This Brazilian martial art promotes growth in strength, flexibility, rhythm & agility as well as camaraderie, community, confidence & respect. Step out of your comfort zone and find fun and success with Capoeira.

Karate – Family
Age:6Y and up
Looking for the ultimate family activity? Join our family karate class, where you can chop, kick and throw to your hearts’ delight. Karate is one of the best group activities a family can do. It combines physical conditioning, respect and determination with non-contact striking techniques so that you and all your family can participate in this incredible martial art form.


Age:8Y – 13Y
Yoga for kids? You bet. No longer considered an adult-only class, we encourage all youth to participate in this incredibly rewarding fitness routine. Hatha yoga will help youth get in touch with their bodies and maintain flexibility as they age, preventing health problems and joint issues that are affecting more inactive youth today than ever. Focuses are flexibility, strength, relaxation, stress management and breathing techniques.

Youth Leadership

Grade:5 – 6
Discover the leader in you! Learn how to take charge of your life by taking part in the YMCA’s nationally recognized leadership programs. Issues covered include: leadership training in aquatics, outdoor and environmental training, character development, communication, volunteerism and fundraising. The leaders of today started at the YMCA.

Leadership In Training (LIT’s)
Grade:7 – 9
Take your leadership skills to the next level. Prepare yourself to become a leader among your friends as you learn how to become a role model in your community. Don’t just be a part of the crowd; learn how to lead at the YMCA. Program focuses include: aquatics skills, outdoor and environmental training, character and leadership development, communication, volunteerism and fundraising.

Leadercorps (Leaders)
Grade:10 – 12
Become a great leader. Challenge yourself to make a difference while learning to elevate yourself to a position of respect by helping those around you. Don’t just blend in, get ready to take charge as you prepare for your life, your way. Topics include advanced core leadership training skills in aquatics, outdoor and environmental training, character and leadership development, communication, volunteerism, and fundraising.

Special Events

Elves At Play
Age:3Y – 12Y
Relax and let YMCA staff and volunteers care for your children while you do some stress-free festive shopping or have a little quiet time to yourself. Your children will be entertained with crafts, games, swimming and more.

Halloween Howler
Age:2Y – 12Y
Dress up in costume for a fun and spooky, howling good time. Look forward to crafts, games, music and, of course, a Halloween treat. Children under eight must be accompanied by an adult.


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