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YMCA Calgary’s Next Level Coaching program is a long-term, health and fitness training and support program. It is well-suited to individuals who are working toward a specific goal and/or need the accountability, motivation and ongoing support to keep healthy and active. YMCA Calgary’s Next Level Coaching program is a great way to get results – at a great price.

Next Level

YMCA Calgary’s Next Level Coaching program

How does coaching differ from personal training?

Coaching encompasses some of the same elements of personal training, but allows continuous consultation, feedback and programming over a long period of time. New training and nutrition strategies are prescribed – on an ongoing basis – by the coach who has the expertise, knowledge and access to the latest training and nutrition techniques.

Coaching is not a regular supervised exercise program. It offers some in-person consultation and exercise supervision, but allows the participant to train predominantly independently with ongoing virtual support through an expert coach.