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Students & Youth

Students, youth and children receive all of the benefits of adult membership privileges at reduced prices. In addition, they receive added programs and benefits specifically designed for their age group.

  • Close to transit
  • Indoor rock climbing walls (with free climbing wall orientation)
  • Free YMCA Teen Night (Fridays 7-10pm)
  • Free youth orientation around the weight floor
  • Free babysitting certification course (for 12-17 yrs)
  • Reduced fees when added as a dependent to a current YMCA Adult Membership
  • Easy to stop and restart as needed (no contract or withdrawal fees)

Use the Membership Calculator to calculate the cost of student and youth YMCA Memberships.
Visit any YMCA location today to get started!

Financial Assistance is available, find out more.

Free Grade Six Memberships

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All students registered in Grade 6 in Calgary are able to receive a YMCA Calgary youth membership at no cost.

Thanks to support from the Flames Foundation for Life, YMCA Calgary is able to provide a place Grade 6 students to be active, make friends, and gain new skills - without having to pay a cent!

Enjoy all Member Benefits including:

      • use of general locker rooms at all 5 YMCA Calgary facilities
      • discounted rates for programs and advanced program registration

How Do I Sign-Up?

Parents and guardians can fill out a YMCA Membership form at any YMCA Calgary location. Bring proof of your child's age and school registration. Remember to bring your Grade 6 student with you to have their photo taken for their membership card.

 Click here for more info.


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