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Strength and Conditioning Support


Strength and Conditioning Orientation and our Fitness Essential Program is currently not available in this initial stage of re-opening. We will provide notice as opportunities for this service become available. To learn more about our Re-opening Strategy please click here.


Strength and Conditioning Programs & Services

Program and Service Orientation

If you are new to strength training, the gym, or the YMCA, this orientation is for you. You will receive an orientation of the strength and conditioning floor (weight and cardio area) and learn more about our programs and services.

Fitness Essentials Program

Are you looking for a basic strength and conditioning program to start your training or to add some variety? All YMCA members have access to a free session with a Strength and Conditioning Instructor who will walk you through a Fitness Essentials Program (FEP). This program will introduce you to a prearranged set of body weight and/or strength machine exercises in an appropriate training format. This is a great starting point for all new exercisers and those wanting to feel more comfortable and knowledgeable on the Strength and Conditioning floor. Book your appointment today.

 *Available one time only per member


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