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Massage Booking

Members and non-members can enjoy the benefits of massage offered at the Eau Claire YMCA by a great team of Registered Massage Therapists.

If you are a YMCA Member or have previously booked a massage, you can book an appointment on-line using the instructions below.  If you would like to book a massage within the next 24 hours, please book an appointment by calling Member Services at 403-269-6701.

On-line Massage Booking Instructions:

  • Enter your first name, last name, and phone number (input the phone number used for your YMCA account or for a previous massage booking – this is usually your home phone number)
  • If you are unable to progress beyond the login, please check your browser privacy settings (they may need to be relaxed)
  • If you are still unable to progress beyond the login, please contact Member Services for additional assistance at (403) 269-6701

Online Bookings

Member Rates:

30 minutes | $50
60 minutes | $85
90 minutes | $120

Non-Member Rates:
30 minutes | $55
60 minutes | $95
90 minutes | $130

*RMT Receipts are provided
*Prices are subject to change