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December 31, 2021 - Delayed Start to Winter Programs

Following the recent announcement to delay the return to school, YMCA Calgary will also be delaying our winter session of registered programs (scheduled to start January 4th). These programs will be delayed by two weeks, now starting January 17th. We plan to deliver the full eleven week session, just delayed by two weeks.


YMCA Calgary will continue to follow the guidance of the Chief Medical Officer of Health as the current wave evolves, and should the situation change or further delay be required we will provide programming updates through social media and our website.


At this time, there are no other impacts to YMCA programs or activities, and our facilities remain open.

Three Steps to Access the YMCA

Sign the Waiver
If you previously completed this waiver, you are not required to re-sign it.
Click here to sign the waiver

Vaccination QR Code
You are required to show
your vaccine QR Code
every visit

Check the Capacity
Ensure the activity space you intend on visiting can accommodate your visit.
Check the Capacity for your YMCA location



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Hours of Operation

Branch Hours M-F Hours Sat & Sun
Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton & Shane Homes at Rocky Ridge YMCA 5:30am - 10:00pm 7:00am - 8:00pm
Melcor YMCA at Crowfoot 6:30am - 7:30pm 7:00am - 1:30pm
Shawnessy YMCA 6:30am – 9:00pm 7:00am – 5:00pm
Remington YMCA in Quarry Park 5:30am – 9:00pm 7:00am – 5:00pm
Saddletowne YMCA 8:00am - 9:00pm 9:00am - 5:00pm (Saturday only, Closed Sunday)
South Health Campus YMCA Closed until further notice Closed until further notice


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General FAQ


Effective Monday, September 20th YMCA Calgary will be participating in the Restrictions Exemption Program. Current YMCA controls meet or exceed all new requirements for youth programming, swim lessons, and access to our pools and fitness centres. These activities will continue unchanged. What will change is access for those aged 12+, who will now be required to show vaccine status to enter our facilities to access that programming.


*All terms are subject to change due to emerging or evolving health and safety guidelines from relevant health authorities


Restrictions Exemption Program FAQ

Q: What will I need to access the facility?

A: A Provincial QR Code vaccine record is required for those aged 12+ to access any YMCA Calgary facility, service, or program. In addition, you be required to wear a mask (following existing YMCA Face Mask Policy). Please note that medical tests are not accepted in lieu of vaccination, and medical exemption requests are required a minimum of seven days in advance of your visit following the process outlined below.

Q: What is a QR Code Vaccine Record?

A: Residents of Alberta must use the Provincial QR Code available at www.albertavaccinerecord.ca. Residents of other Canadian Provinces and Territories must use their own tool, in QR form when available. Visitors to Canada must use the ArriveCAN app.

Q: Will you accept a COVID-19 test result?

A: YMCA Calgary will NOT be accepting any rapid test results in lieu of vaccine status. We do not have the capacity or expertise to determine the validity of a rapid test result. In addition, tests can range in price from $40 each to as high as $150 for each test per visit. This high cost could pose a considerable financial barrier to individuals or families that cannot afford that additional cost which is contrary to YMCA Calgary’s approach to providing community experiences to the widest range of people possible.

Q: Will you honour medical vaccine exemptions?

A:YMCA Calgary will accommodate individuals seeking medical exemption, as follows:
Those requesting a medical exemption must initiate this request by emailing exemptions@calgary.ymca.ca, providing your full name, phone number and email address. Please do not include any personal medical information.


  • Medical exemption requests will be assessed by Lifemark, an independent absence and disability management provider with over 20 years’ experience in a wide range of healthcare solutions.
  • Each request for exemption will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with the requirement to provide appropriate documentation where necessary, to determine whether an exemption applies.
Cost of this process is $200.00, to be paid by the individual requesting an exemption. Should a medical exemption be approved, YMCA Calgary will reimburse the entire cost through a credit for programs and services. Payment will be taken by YMCA Calgary at the time of initiating exemption process.

Q: What about other exemptions?

A: Religious or moral exemptions are not permitted under the Provincial REP Program, nor the Municipal Bylaw.

Q: Are your staff and volunteers vaccinated?

A: YMCA Calgary will be implementing a mandatory vaccination policy that will apply to staff, volunteers and contractors.


To protect the health and safety of the YMCA community, it is now required that all YMCA Calgary employees, volunteers and contractors be fully vaccinated by no later than October 25th, a date in alignment with the Government of Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption Program.

Q: Do I have to show vaccine status every time?

A: Members may choose to add their vaccine status to their membership account by visiting Member Services. All other users of the facility will be required to show the QR Code at each visit.

Q: Will YMCA Calgary keep my vaccination health record safe?

A: YMCA Calgary is participating in the Government of Alberta’s Restriction Exemptions Program which, while it requires us to do a visual inspection of vaccinations status, does not require us to collect, store or share any private information. None of those actions are a part of our procedures. Members, should they wish, are able to update their membership record to include “Met Vaccine Requirement” only. It does not store proof of vaccination, dates or healthcare numbers. No information at all is retained from other users of the facility.


If you would like to review our privacy policy, you can find it here: www.ymcacalgary.org/legal/

Q: Is there a way to speed up access?

A: Quick, easy access is available for those with four things on arrival:

  • A membership card or program access card to scan
  • A QR Code of your vaccine status to scan
  • A face mask

Q: Will I still have to wear a mask?

A: YMCA Calgary’s Face Mask Policy remains in effect: Masks are required in all program areas at the YMCA, both indoors and outdoors. If your activity level becomes uncomfortable and you need to remove your mask, please ensure you are maintaining appropriate physical distance.

Q: What about other controls?

A: All existing controls remain in effect, including limitations on capacity, increased physical distancing and enhanced cleaning.

Q: What about rental groups?

A: Rental groups will be required to ensure their participants and instructors / staff follow all regulations specified in the Restrictions Exemption Program, including proof of vaccine status for those aged 12+. We will be contacting all out rental groups directly with more information.

Q: How do I to cancel my membership / programs / rental?

A: No cancellation fees will be charged for those unable or unwilling to meet the proof of vaccine status requirements. Please contact Member Services if you wish to make changes.


Health and Safety

Q: Do I again need to wear a mask at the YMCA?

A: Masks are required in all program areas at the YMCA, both indoors and outdoors. If your activity level becomes uncomfortable and you need to remove your mask, please ensure you are maintaining appropriate physical distance.

Q: What if I forget my mask? Will you have masks available?

A: We will have a supply of free disposable masks available (while supplies last) or masks will be available for purchase in vending machines within our YMCA facilities.

Q: Why do I have to wear a mask at the Y when I don’t in some other public places?

A: YMCA Calgary is a wellness organization. Our first priority is the health and safety of staff, volunteers, members and participants. The decision to implement mask use at the YMCA was made for the following reasons:

  • YMCA serves people of all ages and abilities. This includes many children under 12. Those children have not yet had the opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Despite some relaxations of precautions, our community remains in a pandemic, so we are taking steps to keep everyone safe

Q: Do I need to complete a Digital Health Screen?

A: Detailed health screening is not required to access a YMCA at this time, except for childcare, daycamp and overnight camping activities. If you or a member of your family is feeling unwell, please stay home.

Q: Will I need to Physically Distance from others?

A: Physical distancing is encouraged at all times, with capacity limitations remaining in place to allow additional space.

Q: What measures have you put in place to ensure a safe environment?

A: The health, safety and protection of our members, participants, staff and volunteers is our first priority. For everyone’s protection, we’ve modified some spaces and amenities, and many modifications remain in place. Here are just a few of the safety measures you’ll see when you visit the Y:

  • Increased sanitization and disinfection
  • Additional hand-sanitizing stations
  • Removal of non-essential or difficult-to-clean equipment
  • Reduced capacity in all activity areas utilizing an appointment-based system for access to Fitness Classes and court sports in the Gymnasium
  • Plexi-glass barriers at Welcome, Membership and Weight Floor desks
  • Recommended health screening through a Digital Health Screening tool
  • Directional signage to control the flow of participants in certain areas of the building
  • Contactless scan-in stations
  • Physical distancing measures to encourage distance between users

Q: How can I help keep the YMCA safe and clean?

A: Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Stay home if you’re not feeling well
  • Get vaccinated against COVID-19
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Practice cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Always wipe equipment down before and after use
  • Avoid eating in situations where hand hygiene is more difficult (e.g. while working out)
  • Use cashless forms of payment whenever possible.
  • Be kind to each other, and our staff team
Q: What enhanced cleaning protocols will the Y have in place?

A: We have maintained additional and more frequent cleaning procedures as best practice. These include:

  • Increased frequency of high touch points (e.g. door handles, elevator buttons, hand railings, light switches, toilet seats, taps)
  • Regular and documented sanitization of common area touch points
  • Employing hospital-grade disinfectant (Sany+ H202, Oxivir Plus, Vangard)

Q: Will I have to sign a waiver in order to access the YMCA?

A: To keep you and other safe, and so you have a clear understanding the various risks associating with participating in programs and services, YMCA Calgary is asking you to sign a one-time Participation Waiver. This is a requirement of entry. You can sign the waiver securely here: www.ymcacalgary.org/waiver. It is recommended you complete this waiver process ahead of your visit to save time upon your first re-entry. If you completed this waiver at any time previously, you are not required to re-sign it.

Q: What if I see someone who I think looks sick at the Y?

A: Please see any YMCA staff member if you are concerned for the welfare of someone in the facility. Individuals who become symptomatic at the YMCA will be isolated and provided emergency care and transportation.


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Facility Hours and Access FAQ

Q: Why is South Health Campus YMCA remaining closed?

A: Alberta Health Services has determined that the Wellness Centre (which includes the YMCA) must remain closed until further notice to limit public access to the hospital.

Q: When will you be offering Swimming Lessons and other Registered Program?

A: Registration for swim lessons and other registered programs is open and ongoing. To view availability and to register online please visit https://ymcacalgary.force.com/.

Q: Are you offering Personal Training?

A: Yes, personal training is available now. Please inquire on the weight floor.

Q: Will I require a swim test before I use the pool?

A: All children ages 13 years and younger must participate in a swimming skills assessment and will be provided a coloured wristband based on their age and swimming ability. As always, children between the ages 0-7 must stay within arms-reach of a caregiver at all times.

Q: Will I have access to YMCA towels?

A: Towels will remain available to ONLY Membership Extra members.

Q: Are water fountains available?

A: Yes, Water fountains and bottle fillers (where possible) are available to use. Given the limited quantity of bottle fillers at some of our locations, we encourage all facility users to bring filled water bottles with them.


Appointments and Capacity

Q: Will I need an appointment to use the Y?

A: Appointments will not be required for:

  • Lane swim
  • Recreational swim
  • Access to our fitness centre
  • Drop-in basketball
  Appointments will be required for:
  • Fitness classes
  • Court sports (such as badminton and pickleball)

Q: Why do you have capacity limits in place?

A: Managing capacity, to allow physical distancing and a safe environment for all participants, remains an essential part of how we keep our YMCAs safe and accessible.

Q: How will you manage capacity?

A: All program areas have a maximum capacity. Headcounts each thirty minutes will ensure we maintain within those limits. Occasionally, if we do reach capacity, that amenity area will close to new participants until space opens up.

Q: How do I know if a space is full / closed?

A: Real-time information will be provided though a simple “traffic light system” tool at www.ymcacalgary.org/capacity


Green: Capacity is under 75%, you are welcome to join us
Orange: Capacity is over 75%, amenity is likely to close within an hour
Red: Capacity is at 100%, amenity is closed – please check back later


We encourage those visiting a YMCA at peak times to check this tool before arrival. Our busiest times are weekday afternoons / early evenings, and weekends from 10am – 4pm.

Q: What is the capacity in your facilities?

A: Facility and amenity capacity limits vary and are dependent on size, design, as well as the activity and programming in the space. We adjust capacity limits at regular intervals for operational reasons, but aim to provide the right balance of space (so physical distancing is possible) and numbers (to reduce wait times, and allow more of the community to access the facility). We encourage you to check our Online Capacity Tool at www.ymcacalgary.org/capacity for real time data on our aquatic and weight floor areas.

Q: Will you always be full?

A: Some areas and some locations see greater demand that others. Our aquatic areas at the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge and the Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton frequently reached capacity prior to the pandemic. It is likely that we will reach capacity on occasion, and we encourage visitors to check our capacity tool before leaving home for a visit. If you arrive and the amenity is closed, we will inform you before you check-in. You will have the option to wait until space opens up, or return at another time. We realize that visiting a ‘full’ amenity area could be frustrating, but we have also heard from you that maintaining an appointment-based system widely was also a challenge. We hope by providing real-time information about when facilities and amenity areas are open / nearly full / at capacity, we can prevent you from not accessing a YMCA amenity at the time you choose.


Membership and Fees FAQ

Q: When did my membership resume?

A: All current memberships resumed on June 28, 2021 unless you requested a cancellation. Our normal suspension and cancellation policies remain in effect. Please contact Member Services if you wish to discuss further. Phone lines remain very busy, and we could encourage you to contact your branch by email – individual branch email addresses can be found here.

Q: Can I have a facility tour?

A: Yes, facility tours are available. Please inquire at any YMCA membership desk.

Q: I am having problems with my online Membership account. What can I do to remedy my issues and can someone help me?

A: Having any issues using the online portal? Please click the links below to watch a short video detailing how to correctly create your account for active members and non-members. Additional support for use of our online portal can found by emailing portalsupport@calgary.ymca.ca
  How to create an account on our online portal


*All terms are subject to change due to emerging or evolving health and safety guidelines from relevant health authorities


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