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Eau Claire YMCA Announcement






June 4, 2021


Since announcing the permanent closure of the Eau Claire YMCA, YMCA Calgary undertook a competitive procurement process to retain a real estate partner. Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated (JLL) was selected and has been providing us counsel on what opportunities might be available for future use of the building, land or both. The decision has been made by management and the Board of Directors to put the Eau Claire YMCA on the market. Over the coming weeks, we will be working closely with the team at JLL to market the building and the land in anticipation of a sale.


YMCA Calgary’s senior leadership continues to be engaged with The City of Calgary in regards to its overarching Downtown Strategy and Eau Claire Projects. YMCA Calgary is connected with City staff in various departments, from Planning and Development to Recreation to Calgary Neighbourhoods. The purpose is to fully understand the City’s priorities and to pursue opportunities for the YMCA to continue to serve Calgarians in central Calgary.


If you'd like to learn more about the Eau Claire YMCA property and/or land please contact Jones Lang LaSalle Real Estate Services – Ken Westhaver 403 456-2209 or Ryan Murphy 403 456-5582



February 2021 Update


Our charity is announcing that, after extensive due diligence by our senior leadership team, expert advisers, and after careful consideration by our Board of Directors, we will begin a process to close the YMCA-owned Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA. This YMCA has been in our YMCA family for more than 30 years and has contributed to both the vibrancy and wellness of the people it has served, and our Calgary community. It is a cherished community asset that holds a special place in the hearts of many YMCA employees and volunteers, past and present, as well as members, participants and supporters.


We know this is very difficult news to hear. Please know this was not a decision we undertook lightly.


For a number of years the facility has been experiencing rising costs, a diminishing membership base, extensive capital requirements and challenges in the downtown environment. Our experience through COVID-19 has heightened these impacts, but the challenges existed well before the pandemic arrived. As an organization that is privileged to serve Calgarians throughout the city, we take our responsibility to steward the current and future resources of our Association very seriously; so that we will be here, creating impact, long after the pandemic is over.


As we transition from service-delivery at the Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA, we are excited to explore how we can create impact in new ways that meet the evolving needs of Calgarians. We take great pride in the memorable experiences that have been created at this YMCA. In recognition of that, we will make every possible effort to minimize the effects of this process on our staff and the communities who enjoy the facility.


Our YMCA is committed to transparency and continued communication throughout the next steps in this process. In every step we take and every decision we make, we will be acting in accordance with our YMCA values of respect, responsibility, honesty and caring.






Here's what's next:


  • Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA will not resume operations once YMCA Calgary is cleared to re-open by provincial health authorities. It will be permanently closed.
  • We will continue an intentional process with expert partners to determine next steps with the building itself
  • We will be communicating directly with families accessing child care at Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA to help them through this transition. The child care centre within the facility will remain open until April 30, 2021
  • We will provide answers to the questions our current members and participants may have, including information on how they can remain with YMCA through our city-wide membership model
  • We will work with our donors and supporters to respectfully and transparently work through this change together
  • We will find a time to safely celebrate the many contributions of the Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA with you. We invite you to share your stories in celebration of this important facility and community


Soon we will also connect with numerous partners to determine how YMCA Calgary might engage in conversations and align with plans for the downtown and its surrounding areas in the short, medium and long-term. We are committed to finding a collaborative and impact-focused approach to serving central Calgary and contribute to its success.


We will continue to do everything we can to ensure the long-term sustainability of our organization and our charitable mission. This difficult but necessary decision will help ensure the continued strength and viability of our YMCA and our ability to fulfill our commitment to the citizens of Calgary.






Membership FAQs


Have questions on your current or on-hold Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA Membership? Read the Membership FAQs below. Click the + icon to expand the answer.


Q: What will happen to my membership?

A: All current YMCA memberships are suspended, as all locations remain closed by Provincial Order. No membership payments have been taken since December 8, 2021. We will be in contact with all current Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA members once opening dates of our other locations are confirmed. At that stage you will be provided with options to continue your membership at another facility. No further payments will be taken unless you confirm you wish to transfer your membership at that time.

Q: Can I use other locations?

A: Yes, you will be contacted as we open our other facilities and given the option to transfer your membership to a location of your choice. Membership payments will restart once a new location is chosen.

Q: What about Extra (or Plus) Memberships?

A: Membership Extra (formerly Plus, or Health Club) locker rooms are available at the Shawnessy YMCA, the Remington YMCA at Quarry Park and the Melcor YMCA at Crowfoot. If you choose to transfer your membership you have the option to continue with an Extra Membership or move to a General Membership if you prefer. Laundry services and massage therapists are not provided at other locations


Try another YMCA location - ON US!


As a previous member of the Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA - you are invited to try one of our other 7 locations across Calgary. Use this form to request a FREE 1-month pass to the YMCA location of your choice.


This opportunity will be available once we are able to safely re-open under directives from Alberta Health Services, the Government of Alberta, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health and other relevant health authorities.


Please click the button below to fill out the form to receive your free month.


Free Month Form

General FAQs


We know many of you will have questions. Please review the frequently asked questions below, but of course, we welcome your questions directly as well. We appreciate your ongoing understanding and support as we navigate challenging times. 


Q: How can I get to my Tote Box?

A: A: If you have personal items remaining in your Tote Box, you can drop by the branch to pick them up from Monday to Friday between 9:00am – 9:30am; 11:30am – 12:00pm; and 3:00pm – 3:30pm. Items not collected by March 16 will be donated to other charitable organizations.

Q: Can I continue Personal Training?

A: Yes, personal training will be available at all our locations on reopening. If you have remaining unused prepaid sessions we would be happy to honor these at any location, or provide a refund if you prefer. Please email ecy@ymcacalgary.org if you wish to be connected with an alternative trainer at your preferred location or to request a refund.

Q: Where can I play squash / racquetball / handball?

A: YMCA Calgary no longer provides any courts for squash, racquetball, or handball. Other providers within central Calgary include Trail Courts (www.trailcourts.ca), Bankers Hall (www.bankershallclub.com) and West Hillhurst Community Association (www.westhillhurst.com).

Q: What about volunteering?

A: We will be contacting all current Gray Family Eau Claire YMCA volunteers to provide them with options to continue volunteering within YMCA Calgary.

Q: Will YMCA be selling any strength or fitness equipment?

A: No, YMCA doesn’t anticipate the sale of any equipment from the Eau Claire facility at this time.


Click here to read the extended FAQs