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Active Y Kids

Active Y Kids program focuses on helping kids get more physical activity into their daily lives. Active Y Kids enables YMCA Calgary to help many children and youth (5Y-17Y) meet national physical activity targets. This 12-week program is offered at five YMCA locations and is part of programs delivered at YMCA Outreach sites. The aim is for program participants to learn new activities, increase their level of physical activity, and take a more active role in their health. Young people involved in this program learn about and have the opportunity & support to make healthy choices.

Active Y Kids has three main components:

  • Physical Activity – understanding how the body works, flexibility, muscle strength, and relaxation techniques
  • Behavior Skills – goal setting, self-talk, stress management, physical activity at home, the professionals who help us stay healthy
  • Nutrition – the Canada Food Guide, nutrients, drinking water, sugars, reading food labels, portion size, number of servings, healthy breakfast, healthy bones and calcium
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