Capacity Management Plan – External FAQ’s

YMCA Calgary is constantly evaluating our health and safety procedures, protocols and controls to achieve a healthy, safe, and convenient experience for all.

Effective Monday July 12th, an appointment will no longer be required to access YMCA Calgary swimming pools and fitness centres. Capacity limits will remain, and we encourage members and participants to check our online capacity tool if visiting at peak times.

Will I still need an appointment?
Appointments will not be required for:

Appointments will be required for:

Why are you making this change?
Managing capacity, to allow social distancing and a safe environment for all participants, remains an essential part of how we keep our YMCA safe and accessible. We have completed an analysis of usage trends, capacity limits, and controls designed to optimize physical distancing. After two weeks of operations, it has been determined that the appointment system is no longer necessary to achieve optimal usage levels. This change will provide you with greater flexibility and a more convenient experience. YMCA Calgary will continue to monitor the effectiveness of all changes to our systems.

How will you manage capacity?
All program areas have a maximum capacity. Headcounts each thirty minutes will ensure we maintain within those limits. Occasionally, if we do reach capacity, that amenity area will close to new participants until space opens up.

How do I know if a space is full / closed?
Real-time information will be provided though a simple “traffic light system” tool at

Green: Capacity is under 75%, you are welcome to join us
Orange: Capacity is over 75%, amenity is likely to close within an hour
Red: Capacity is at 100%, amenity is closed – please check back later

We encourage those visiting a YMCA at peak times to check this tool before arrival. Our busiest times are weekday afternoons / early evenings, and weekends from 10am – 4pm.

What is the capacity in your facilities?
Facility and amenity capacity limits vary and are dependant on size, design, as well as the activity and programming in the space. Current capacity limits are roughly 50% of pre-pandemic levels to ensure adequate space is available for a safe and comfortable visit. These protocols are being regularly reviewed.

Will you always be full?
Some areas and some locations see greater demand that others. Our aquatic areas at the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge and the Brookfield Residential YMCA at Seton frequently reached capacity prior to the pandemic. It is likely that we will reach capacity on occasion, and we encourage visitors to check our online tool before leaving home for a visit. If you arrive and the amenity is closed, we will inform you before you check-in. You will have the option to wait until space opens up, or return at another time.

We realize that visiting a “closed” location is not ideal but maintaining an appointment-based system widely was also a challenge. We hope by providing real-time information of when facilities are open / nearly full / at capacity, we can prevent you from making a wasted journey and allow you to access a YMCA amenity at the time you choose.

As always, we appreciate your patience as we restart the YMCA community in a safe and efficient manner.