Youth Advisory Council

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is looking for new members!

We are looking for individuals 18-30 years who are strong in or have a desire to learn about: Advisory groups, functioning of Board of Directors, and professional of people laughing_46801039

The YAC is a team of Calgary youth who work toward ensuring a youth perspective, and youth representation in the strategic direction of the YMCA and its programs. The YAC focuses on youth as one of the core pillars of the YMCA, helps develop a strong youth voice by working with the YMCA Executive, Board of Directors, and Program Leaders to provide insight into decision-making.

Each year, the YAC will establish a series of targeted goals that provide focus for its initiatives.  These goals are formed based on an annual YAC survey, Committee discussion, YMCA branch roundtable input, and the overall feedback gathered directly from the YAC.

To find out more about us by clicking here or by viewing our application.

Submitted applications must be accompanied by resumes and sent to  no later than Wednesday, March 11th, 2015.