Yoga Active and Passive at the Calgary YMCA

The world of Yoga can be a mysterious one, so many different types and styles, what is best for you?

At the Calgary YMCA, we’ve tried to simplify the options that are available to make your life less complicated. Firstly decide if you want to do a more active or more relaxing type of yoga.

Yoga Active – Is an invigorating yoga class that leads you through poses, sequences and breath work that will challenge your strength, flexibility and focus helping you grow in
mind, body and spirit.

This class includes forms of yoga such as Ashtanga, Power, Hatha, Yin
Yang. Best for people looking for a workout from their yoga class.

Yoga Passive – Helps you tune into your true self and find peace and
belonging within. This yoga class will guide you through slow poses and breath
work as well as meditation in a serene atmosphere intended to create calm,

This type of yoga includes styles such as restorative and gentle.

If you have attended classes in past and have a preferred instructor or time, chances are that class is still there for you, it just has a different name. If you have participated in yoga classes in previous sessions at the YMCA and are looking to move on, please look for a level 2 yoga class at your preferred branch.

For questions regarding specific classes, please contact your branch Fitness Director.

The fall session of programs start the week of October 28th !