YMCA Ukraine in Prague

What an adventure the past few weeks have been! I travelled
to Prague for the YMCA Europe Festival with the delegation from YMCA Volyn. It
was a great experience; I had the chance to see friends from YMCAs all over the
world – other parts of Ukraine, Sweden, Canada, America, and even Argentina! It
was so interesting to learn about what YMCAs look like in other countries and
how they serve the needs of their communities, whether it be scouting, tensing,
sports, spirituality or employment programs. The range is vast and the festival
put into perspective the scope of our organization globally.

The Tensing Volyn team put on a fantastic performance of
traditional and modern dance which they have been rehearsing for months. It was
great to see them dressed in traditional clothing and representing their
culture so beautifully.

Prague was a great chance for leaders from different parts
of Ukraine to connect and build friendships, we made some friends from
Verhovena who are living in Kyiv now and who hope to be involved in our
programs in September! I am now spending some time in Lutsk and working on
plans for YMCA Kyiv, we hope to have a summer wrap up event before we start our
floorball teams in autumn.

Supporting YMCA Tensing in traditional clothing!