YMCA surveys opinion on its performance

EMPLOYEES at YMCA Calgary are having their say this month as part of wide-ranging survey.

This is the fourth time the organization has undergone the process to ask each of their 704 full-time and part-time employees what they think about the Y and what can be done to improve.

Vice president for Human Resources Joan Fanstone explained why this was an important exercise for YMCA Calgary. She said: “It is an important survey. We want to hear what our employees say to us, to give their voice to what is happening at the Y and to give us feedback on practices and procedures so we can celebrate the things which are working as well as address the opportunities for improvement.”

The anonymous survey is completed online and was last carried out in 2010. It will take around three weeks to complete and is held every two to three years.

Employees will be asked their opinion on a number of subjects including recruitment and selection, training and development and whether they are encouraged to develop, grow and learn. They will also be asked about performance management and their career development.

Communication from the Y about what is happening within the organization will also be discussed with questions relating to how involved employees feel in being recognized for the work that they do.

Aiming for a 50 per cent response rate, Joan hopes to have the first results from the survey back by June. A human resources committee will then be formed to address the findings, highlighting the celebrations and improvements.

Joan said: “We score really highly on staff understanding the impact that the Y has on the community and that we value diversity.”

One-on-one communication and career development were areas highlighted for improvement in 2010 and as a result new management strategies were brought in to tackle this.

Joan explained: “We took the initiative to provide more work around leadership development with our managers and implemented a leadership education and development program for our director level staff. We want to work to create a culture of leadership development where all staff are having conversations and taking personal accountability for their development.”