Why YMCA summer camps can keep your kids active for life


Keep Your Kids Active with YMCA Summer Camps 

Officially starting July 4th, this year’s YMCA summer camps are going to provide growth and development through active movement and play with a focus on physical literacy. Physical literacy specialist Seann Mahon has recently joined the Y for one purpose: to help your child build important physical literacy skills.

Seann has a Physical Education and Recreation degree from the University of Alberta and is now working on a second degree with a specialization in elementary physical education. He has international experience, working with physical literacy programs (in Cambodia) with the organization Play Around the World. He was also a YMCA Child and Youth Director in Edmonton and Calgary. Our specialist, Seann, ensures our camps are developed and delivered to guarantee campers are building optimum foundational skills while at camp.


“There will be more exposure on the different ways to move,” says Seann.  “The more exposure a child has to physical literacy, the more likely that child is to succeed and participate in physical activities as a teenager and adult. It sets children up for success. When your child wants to skate or bike or climb in the future, they will be more successful if they have the building blocks of physical literacy. These programs try to combat a growing sedentary culture and YMCA summer camps provide a creative and fun way for kids to learn and move. ”

Physical literacy and learning fundamental body movements through play will be an even bigger focus of YMCA camps. Seann will provide training sessions to camp counselors through the summer so they can incorporate intentional movement into camps. This will give your child the skills to participate in activities as a youth and adult.

The camp curriculum will encourage more active play through games and activities in an effort to maximize participation and prepare kids physically and mentally for the future.

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