YMCA Staff Visit Calgary Drop In Center

This morning, a small group of staff from the Eau Claire YMCA took a tour of the Calgary Drop In Center. Jorge lead us around the facility showing us the different floors and also all the different services they offer at the DI.

I was surpised to learn that the Drop In also helps low income Calgarians, not just homeless Calgarians. There is a computer restoration program called “Clic” where volunteers and staff take donated computers and restore them and give them to low income households who apply.

They have a clothing room, where anyone can come and get clothing. There’s a huge demand for mens clothing. If you have mens clothing to donate, the DI would love to have it.  They are open 24 hours a day and all donations can be dropped off at the loading dock.

The YMCA and the DI have a partnership where DI clients come  work out at the YMCA with Jorge as a part of the road to healthy living. We were excited to see a small gym in the back rooms of the DI! 

The tour was eye-opening. I had no idea all the services that DI offers. A big YMCA Thank-you to Jorge for taking us around.