YMCA Shawnessy Profile: Marie Smith

Marie Smith

Name: Marie Smith

How long have you been with the YMCA? Since September 2010.

What made you choose the YMCA?

I moved to this area from Willow Park, and the YMCA is close and convenient for me to come and workout at.

What do you do at the Y?

I come here three times a week. I swim – I try to swim for 35 minutes. Then I go upstairs and I go on the bicycle for 10 minutes. I do some knee bends because I want to keep my knees strong and I don’t want knee problems.

How has the YMCA positively impacted your life?

It’s made me stronger.

What has your best experience here been?

I don’t have one specific experience. It’s nice to swim here. The pool is much larger and smoother to swim in than the pool at my former gym. I don’t talk much, except in the change rooms, so it’s social.

What is your favourite thing about working out at the YMCA?

It’s clean. I like coming here early. The showers are clean and the water’s warm.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining the Shawnessy YMCA?

You have to go regularly, otherwise you don’t get much benefit. Anything you do, you have to do regularly, do it with your heart. The YMCA is a good size, people here are friendly, there are lots of volunteers, and it’s just a good place to come to.