YMCA leaders on course for new skills

Staff at YMCA Calgary have become a leading example to others by completing the new LEAD (leadership, education and development) program.

Directors and supervisors have taken the new course designed to improve staff leadership skills.

It was originally envisaged that the course would run on an annual basis but when offered to staff it was so popular more than one course was needed.

VP for human resources Joan Fanstone explained the benefits of the course: “The staff learn how to become better leaders, through education and application. They spend time thinking and reflecting about their own growing edges.”

Joan continued the course takes around seven months with participants meeting once a month and team members are encouraged to look at themselves closely and identify areas to improve.

She added: “It can be a very personal experience reflecting inwards but because the group is so small they create a network with colleagues and cohorts which generates the comfort level.”

The leadership course forms part of leadership development at the Y, and leadership is identified as a key area of impact of YMCA Calgary’s new strategic plan.  The aim is to strengthen the association’s culture of leadership development to produce greater impact throughout the Y and the community.