YMCA Kyiv in Action!

The past few weeks have really seen YMCA Kyiv start to establish itself in the community! Our first few events were a great success and our volunteers continue to meet regularly to plan upcoming events and programs. Our first event – the abrstract art workshop – was a fantastic way to get people together to try something new and make friends. The following week, many of the same participants (as well as some new ones) came out for our second event – a floorball workshop! Besides getting excercise and learning about a new sport, it was a great way to spend time with new people and discuss YMCA. Our friend Roma Poltarak from YMCA Volyn travelled to Kyiv to give the floorball training – this was a great way to start building an interregional partnership between the new YMCA Kyiv and the strong, established YMCA Volyn. We hope to organize some exchanges between Kyiv and Volyn YMCAs in late August/early September as we begin our programs in the city.

YMCA Kyiv artists!


Later this week, participants from all over the country will travel as the Ukrainian delegation to YMCA Europe Festival in Prague. This will be a great opportunity for our Kyiv volunteers and participants to meet fellow YMCAers from other parts of the country and around the world!

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