YMCA Child Minding

YMCA members and facility users may access the Child Minding area for up to 2 hours each day for their children aged 6 weeks – 10 years while they use YMCA facilities.

September is often the time when our Child Minding Areas see an increase in usage. This is primarily due to families sending older children off to school and parents/guardians looking to renew their personal health and wellness commitment.

We thought it would be fun to share some interesting facts about our Child Minding areas.


– The Child Minding area is often the first introduction to the YMCA a young child has

– The Crowfoot and Shawnessy YMCAs are home to our busiest Child Minding areas

– Shawnessy YMCA has the highest average monthly usage – over 1000 unique visits per month to the Child Minding area

– April 2014 has had the highest number of visits recorded for 2014. Our 5 YMCA child minding areas had a combined total of 3511 visits

– As of September 2014, YMCA Child Minding areas have a total of 85 staff and volunteers working to provide young children with positive YMCA experiences

– Barb Pasyk and Elizabeth Ching-Yuen, with Crowfoot YMCA, are the two of our longest serving YMCA staff members in the department. Elizabeth has been with YMCA Calgary for 13 years and Barb has 17 years of YMCA service. We are so fortunate to have these two wonderful ladies on our team!

Barb (right) with Elizabeth    Crowfoot YMCA

– Members can book their infant children (6 weeks – 35 months) for up to 3 visits/week for FREE.

– Child Minding is open almost every day of the year, including weekends and holidays

– Child Minding caregivers are available to answer questions and provide resources about child development

– Play is the foundation for all we do. Peekaboo, colouring, cars and make-believe tea parties all contribute to positive relationships being formed and early learning occurring

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