YMCA Calgary Volunteer Raising Funds for YMCA Ukraine

Ukraine Fundraiser

YMCA volunteer Analu Lobos is raising funds to support YMCA Ukraine to assist families affected by the conflict.

With an information table in Eau Claire YMCA and a display of photos showing the diversity, natural beauty, architecture, culture and people of Ukraine, Analu is hoping to spread awareness of the beautiful country.

She spent 6 months in the Ukraine in 2013 as part of the International Youth Internship Program (YMCA Calgary and CIDA) to start a local YMCA in Kyiv. She recruited the initial volunteers and helped them gather resources and begin programming for children and youth.

The violence in Ukraine has directly impacted the YMCA there; two YMCA volunteers have been killed. YMCA Ukraine is supporting the families of those affected by the violence and helping with clean up in their communities.

For Analu, gathering funds here is a way to let her friends in Ukraine know they are cared for. “Not able to be there with the people who became my family, I feel displaced and helpless. The money and the emotional support that we can send means a lot to them, that they matter to us,” she says.

Photos are for sale by donation at Analu’s booth until 6pm, Friday, February 28, 2014. Prints will be available for pick up at Eau Claire next week. All funds raised will be transferred directly to YMCA Ukraine to help with relief efforts.

YMCA Calgary has been partners with YMCA Ukraine since 2006. There are now 21 local YMCA Associations in Ukraine – all led by volunteer presidents – and all with a dynamic, young core of volunteers who deliver programs and services to children and youth in their communities with the hope that they can be the generation that leads true change in their country.