YMCA Calgary Celebrates Mother’s Day


Sunday, May 10 is Mother’s Day. At YMCA Calgary we believe every day is the right day to celebrate Moms and everyone that is special to you. May 10th, however, gives us an opportunity to reflect on favourite memories and to compile a list of ideas to inspire you and your family to makes this day extra special.

A few ideas to get you started –

  • Create a short video to send to those far away. Along with a heartfelt message consider including clips that highlight daily life – children at play, recorder solos, a child recounting their first sleepover experience….
  • Let a young mother know you both see and recognize her efforts to create a positive environment for her child to grow up in. This can be as simple as smiling at a young mom trying to console her loudly crying child in a public place or letting her know she is doing a fine job
  • Get out and play – fly a kite, take a walk, start a new family tradition of silly Mother’s Day relays
  • Host a potluck dinner where everyone brings their favourite family meal – just like “Mom used to make”
  • Commit to completing 1-3 tasks your Mom does regularly but which she isn’t overly fond of – just once, for a week, a month or more
  • Create a Day-Venture for a special lady. Plan a day filled with as many of her favourite things as possible. It doesn’t have to all be a surprise as anticipation is often part of the fun. Don’t forget to make sure you have included preparation for Monday morning so Mom’s relaxing day doesn’t come to an abrupt end – laundry done, lunches made!
  • Compose a sincere message for a special card (handmade or purchased) sharing a story of your time together that has great meaning for you
  • Have a family photo session – perhaps gathered throughout the day and shown as a slide show after dinner entitled “A Day in our Family – May 10, 2015”
  • Check out Family Fun Magazine’s online source for crafts, activities, games and more to enjoy as a family
  • Make a family garden stone. Kits can be purchased at your local craft store
  • Be kind to everyone you encounter on Mother’s Day. Taking an extra moment to be more patient, more caring and more considerate makes everyone’s day better

YMCA staff members recall special times –

“My favourite Mother’s Day included, “breakfast in bed made by both my kids – included homemade coffee – complete with the grinds!”               Trudy, mother of Megan and Taylor

Trudy & Girls

“The last Mother’s Day I spent with my Mom was after she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. We sat in the living room – I gave her a mini mani/pedi, she shared her secret stash of frozen macaroons and we talked (about everything and nothing). My gift to her, and hers to me, was time – time for laughter, tears, memories and dreams.”               Caryl, daughter of Barb and Mom to Julia

One of my favourite family memories is from last March when I planned a surprise visit home. My parents were moving to their new home and I just showed up. They were so surprised and the look on their faces was priceless. It was such a great experience to not only see my parents but to also be able to visit with extended family who were helping my parents with their move.       Margaret, adult daughter

“I have only been a mother for one Mothers Day, and it was the most incredible day for me last May.  Merrik took his first steps on Mothers Day weekend and it was amazing to see him reach such a big milestone and share it with me on that special day.”            Trish, Merrik’s Mom

“I love when my children make me homemade gifts and cards for Mother’s Day. They mean the most.”          Shannon, Nathan and Savannah’s Mom

Shannon & Savannah

One of my favourite memories is when Olivia was on the change table and looking at pictures of animals on the wall. She began trying to interact with them and giggling. This was the first time she seemed to recognize and try to connect with her environment.          Christy, Olivia’s Mom

Christy and Olivia

When I was a little girl I always helped my Mom with household chores. She would wash our clothes by hand and ask me to hang them on the clothes line. We did this every Sunday. My Mom would always have music playing in the background and we would sing to our favourite songs while completing our chores. My favourite memory was in between our chores when my Mom would place me on top of our dining table and we would dance and twirl together. My Mom taught me lots about household chores  – and how to do everything with lots of love, fun and smiles.      Teresa, adult daughter

This Spring, and this Mother’s Day, take time to recall fond memories and to make some new ones. Experiences are treasures we keep forever.