YMCA Achievement Program (YMAP) leaves philanthropic mark!

This January the YMCA Achievement Program (YMAP) had the opportunity to venture outside of our regular setting of branches and high schools. Between studying and writing exams, YMAP participants met up with their Coordinators to volunteer out in the community. There was a wide range of opportunities available ranging from sorting donations at Calgary Food Bank to serving guests at The Mustard Seed Shelter. Other agencies involved in YMAP’s philanthropic movement included; Food not Bombs, Cups, Inn from the Cold, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Salvation Army and Children’s Cottage. As a YMAP Coordinator, it was heartwarming to see participants engaged in helping others and learning about social issues surrounding Calgary. Some youth came on all volunteer trips which genuinely illustrates their commitment to the YMAP program and service learning.

 Participants also had the opportunity to attend Post-Secondary tours. This gave them a chance to explore a “day in the life of a college/university student”. It was very beneficial to have a recruitment leader answer the many questions YMAP students had; as they are in the process of weighing their options after high school and figuring out which topics they wish to study. Overall, January was a busy, exciting month full of new opportunities to explore beyond the walls of the classroom. Watch out for the YMAP students in all four quadrants of the city as they are making their mark on the philanthropic scene!