YMCA Achievement Program continues to excel!

The YMCA Achievement Program has participated in such amazing opportunities throughout the school year; I don’t even know where to begin! From Kick Off, March Event, Camp and now looking forward to Graduation; there have been endless times for YMAP participants to demonstrate the YMCA core values of caring, respect, responsibility and honesty. Participants have learnt about topics in YMAP sessions that aren’t normally covered in school such as; budgeting, transportation, resumes/cover letters, interviews, peer pressure/bullying, peace and environmental sustainability to name a few. Volunteering has played a large role in the program as well, not to mention other opportunities like free CPR/First Aid Courses and fundraising for the Strong Kids Campaign. Yes, YMAP has been a very busy and exciting time for all involved!

I enjoyed watching students come out of their shells, meet new friends, find their interests and practice philanthropy out in the community. Each student is unique and has something different to offer to the group as a whole. Graduation on June 21/2013 will be a time to recognize and celebrate achievements over the last year. YMAP students are also excited to continue with the Summer Explorers and Summer Leaders Programs during July and August!

I remember my first day with YMAP and how nervous I was to facilitate. I kept thinking how am I going to engage a room of youth so that they are having fun and continually learning? As time goes on I feel more confident in my abilities to facilitate, plan and advocate for YMAP. I am so thankful for the awesome team of Coordinators and Directors I have worked with along the way. YMAP is a truly unique experience for staff and students alike!