YMAP Summer Picnic


With the summer holidays coming to an end, what better way is there than to end off the summer with a picnic in the park?

We held our summer picnic at Riley Park, and it was a great opportunity for all the YMAP youth from the different quadrants of Calgary to come together and have a great time.  We had around 30 youth come out and enjoy the picnic.

As a new YMAP Coordinator to the program, the summer picnic was my first YMAP big group event, and I must say it was an awesome experience.  Seeing how excited the youth were to see each other was actually quite surprising to me. I never expected the youth to have developed such amazing bonds with each other through program, and I could feel the sense of community that was established.  I also really enjoyed meeting all the youth from YMAP and getting to know some of the different personalities.

There were a few activities that were planned for the students.  We had some henna supplies for the students, and they really enjoyed it.  I was able to see a lot of the students’ artistic and creative abilities.  I loved seeing how the students helped each other out with the different designs, and how they worked together and enjoyed each other’s company.  The students were so good with the henna that some of the children playing at the park came over to find out what they were doing because they were curious.  Some of the students even shared the henna with a few children by drawing some small simple designs for them, and the parents really appreciated it.

For some of the students that weren’t as interested in doing henna, we had a big soccer game.  It was my first time playing soccer with these students, and I must say that I was extremely impressed by the students’ soccer skills.  The students were fast, and the way they handled and passed the ball around was amazing.  Now that I know the students’ soccer skills level, I better start practicing if I want to be able to keep up with them next

The Summer Picnic was a great success this year.  Everyone had a lot of fun hanging out and playing in the park, and it was a great way to end off the summer.  If the picnic was only a taste of what is to come in YMAP this year, I am extremely excited for program to get started.

Matthew Chan – SE YMAP Coordinator