YMAP Students Keen to Fundraise for Strong Kids!

‘Tis the season…for fundraising!

YMAP Fundraising @ Shawnessy YMCA

The Southwest YMCA Achievement Program chose to incorporate themes of fundraising, volunteerism, and philanthropy into this year’s holiday celebration. Instead of just eating the cookies that they worked hard to decorate, we wrapped them up and hosted a charity bake sale! Students have been keen to volunteer and fundraise since they joined the program; what a better time to begin learning about these concepts than during the holidays!
All donations went towards helping YMCA’s Strong Kids Fund reach it’s 2012 goal. In the end, YMAP raised a total of over $250 towards this fantastic cause. The Strong Kids Fund makes it possible for kids everywhere to benefit from YMCA programs and services, which includes assisting students in the YMAP program. Our participants were enthusiastic to fundraise for a worthy cause, and went above and beyond with their efforts.
It was fantastic to watch such dedication amongst YMAP participants, especially during this time of year. We are excited to continue learning about fundraising, volunteerism, and philanthropy in the 2013! Happy Holidays 🙂