YMAP Student Demonstrates YMCA Outcomes

Sam (name has been changed) is a student that attends the Youth Achievement Program (YMAP) on Wednesdays; involved in the Achievers stream. He immigrated to Canada from India almost two years ago with his father. Currently Sam attends James Fowler High School and is finishing off grade 11.This is Sam’s first year in YMAP and he seems to really be enjoying the program. I have been thankful enough to get to know this student beyond our two hours together every Wednesday night.

Sam has volunteered his time helping me clean up after program and has shared his stories with me. I have learnt that YMAP has given him a sense of belonging in the community. Sam has made some positive relationships at Bishop McNally High School and is even considering switching schools to be with his new friends. As this student’s YMAP Coordinator I have noticed a lot growth as well. When asked to fill out an interest assessment and research some job profiles Sam was enthusiastic. He stayed later than expected completing his work and let me know he enjoys discovering new things about himself and the future. Sam tells me he is grateful for YMAP as he has met awesome new friends and enjoys the activities we do as a group.

As I sat here writing this, I realized this student has already achieved two of the YMCA outcomes; to belong and grow. Often times people wonder if they are making a difference in the work they do. I believe at the YMCA there is a purpose and it is measurable in ways that are not always visible to the naked eye. It is though one’s sense of belonging, growing, thriving and leading that true success is evident. I look forward to observing Sam thrive and lead his way into the New Year within the YMAP program and in his own endeavors.