YMAP Excited for the Duke of Edinburgh Award

Over the past few weeks, YMAP students all over Calgary learned about the Duke of Edinburgh Award in a special presentation by Jamilynn Stange. The prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award, also known as DofE, is an adventure for anyone ages 14-25 who is interested in learning new things, getting active, and staying involved in the community.

There are three levels of awards in the DofE program; when completed, they lead to a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award. Within each of the levels, there are four sections: Volunteering, Physical Recreation, Skills, and Expedition. If students decide to go for the gold, there is an additional section – a residential leadership activity. These activities are tracked over a 6, 12, or 18 month period, depending on the level of award. The YMAP students are stoked to participate, and the best part is, they can choose what they want to do!

Jamilynn’s presentation emphasized that many of the students are already doing, or planning to do, most of the activities that count toward the four sections of the award. Are you interested in learning to cook, fix computers, or take care of animals? Great, because almost anything that you are keen on learning can be your skill! Do you already play soccer or swim for 2 hours a week? That counts for physical recreation! Are you planning to attend the YMAP Adventure Journey at Camp Chief Hector in April? That counts as your Expedition! Not getting enough volunteer hours? Well, you’re in luck, because many of the YMAP volunteer opportunities coming up in 2013 will count for that! The important thing to remember is to choose activities that you are interested in, and that you enjoy doing, so that you are having fun while meeting your goals.

Why do the DofE Award? Well, as Jamilynn told us in her presentation, students will be getting recognized for the things they are already doing, and want to do. Also, they will discover new talents, have new experiences, make a difference in the community, and build self-confidence. The DofE Award looks great on resumes and University applications; it shows that participants have committed themselves to staying active, learning new things, and being involved in the community.

The opportunities are endless, and students can take the DofE Award in any direction they choose. For more information about the Duke of Edinburgh Award, what activities count for each section, and details about the requirements of the DofE Award, please visit www.dofe.org.