Y7G: Empowering Youth to Reach Their Potential

Written by Shay Whitney, Aboriginal Manager, Community YMCA.

Exciting News!

Y7G is now a High School Accredited program at Crescent Heights High School.

This provides participants who take the course to gain high school credits, while learning new and exciting skills and cultural knowledge. This is the first time that Y7G has had high school credits given out with the program. Once the students successfully complete the program, they are awarded the credits just like any other high school course. Currently Y7G is only running at Crescent Heights High School, but is looking to expand into other high schools soon.



What is Y7G?

Y7G is a leadership program for Aboriginal youth in the city of Calgary. In the program, the participants are given opportunities to discover traditional leadership skills, employment skills, modern life skills, education and study skills, relationship building and team building.


Mixed in with traditional teachings and practices, arts and identity discoveries, Y7G seeks to create a holistic balance with the curriculum and knowledge that the participants are involved with. The goal is to help instill an essence of self-empowerment as a youth and as an Aboriginal person, while embracing the Seven Sacred Teachings of our people and the YMCA Four Core Values.